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World-Information.Org @Bangalore

"World-Information City",
Bangalore November 2005

"Networks of Imagination",
Vienna June 2005

"World-Information City", Bangalore November 2005

"In what ways do new technologies transform society? What is the impact of these technologies on daily life, work, culture and politics? What happens when identity and labor merge? How do new information technologies reshape the very idea of the city? Within the realm of information politics the concern has been over the expansionist tendencies of intellectual property laws, for the digital public domain, the digital ecology and commons- how do these conceptual resources translate in relation to the city? Can for instance the metaphor of the enclosure be used as much to understand digital processes as urban development?"

These are some of the important question that will be debated at World-Information City Bangalore.

2005 will see the first staging of World-Information.Org's extensive program outside of Europe. Responding to a vibrant media culture that has emerged in South Asia over the past years, World-Information.Org will present its exhibition, conference and workshop program in India's famous center of the IT industry.

"World-Information City" is a joint effort of European and South Asian civil society, a global cooperation rooted in the diversity of Bangalore's Information Society projects and realized in collaboration with Alternative Law Forum and Mahiti.
  • Conference in late November 2005 with extensive workshop series.
  • Public Outreach introduces information society issues and themes into the public sphere and urban environment of Bangalore.
  • Exhibition outlines the emergence and influence of worldwide communication and information networks on society and everyday life.
  • Digital Performance shows a broad variety of artistic practice and recent developments in the digital realm.
  • Publication presents a collection of articles, interviews and essays relating to World-Information City and WSIS 2005 in Tunis.

"World-Information City" focuses on cultures of Open Networks in technology driven information societies and on issues of Intellectual Property and access to information.

"Networks of Imagination" Vienna June 2005

Global Information Landscapes and Urban Transformations in Asia Workshop Vienna, June 20. 21. 2005

"Networks of Imagination" brings together researchers, practitioners and institutions from Asia and Europe working in the field of culture and knowledge economies. A view into the practice, strategies and interventions of Agents in the Information Landscape provides for debate and assessment regarding change and everyday life in information societies beyond Europe.

Participants include key figures from the project partners in Bangalore in perspective of the "World-Information City" event in November:

Sunil Abraham, Mahiti, Bangalore; Konrad Becker, Public Netbase, Vienna; Solomon Benjamin, Bangalore; Paul Keller, Waag Society, Amsterdam; Lawrence Liang, Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore; Taha Mehmood, Sarai CSDS, Delhi; Namita Malhotra, Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore; Stefan Nowotny,EIPCP,Vienna; Christoph Schäfer, Park Fiction, Hamburg; Shuddhabaratha Sengupta, Sarai CSDS, Delhi;

Workshop Program:
  • June 20. 2005, 14:00 18:00 Presentations and Discussion
    Location: AZW - Architekturzentrum Vienna, Museumsplatz 1, A-1070
  • June 21. 2005, 19:00 - 21:00 Video-screening
    Location: Public Netbase, Burggasse 21, A-1070 Vienna

World-Information.Org was initiated by the Institute for New Culture Technologies/t0 and is a collaboration of a wide range of international experts, theoreticians and practitioners. Since the launch of the project under the patronage of UNESCO as a theme of the European Cultural Capital 2000 in Brussels, World-Information.Org staged its extensive exhibition and conference program in Vienna, Amsterdam, Belgrade, and Novi Sad and presented at various European cities like London, Berlin, Munich and Helsinki. World-Information.Org's services are designed to foster and protect the public sphere and discourse and focus on the issues of future heritage, digital ecology, and digital human rights.

Institute for New Culture Technologies/ t0
Burggasse 21 A-1070 Vienna AUSTRIA
Tel.: ++43/1/522 18 34
Fax: ++43/1/522 50 58


"World-Information City" will be offered as part of the EU-India-ECCP-Programme "Towards a Culture of Open Networks a collaborative initiative on bridging information society in Europe and India through culture and communication".

Partner organizations include:

Sarai CSDS, Delhi

Waag Society, Amsterdam

The Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore

Mahiti, Bangalore

The Srishti School of Arts, Bangalore

+ local partners

"World-Information City" is realized with the financial support of the European Union (EU-India-ECCP-Programme), the City of Vienna - Department for Cultural Affairs and Max Mueller Bhavan (Goethe Institute) Bangalore.

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