Knowledge Base

The objective of World-Infostructure's knowledge base is to bring focus to the human dimension of information and communication technologies in a dynamic world of vested interests. It is designed to provide an overview of the status quo, the development and the history of the Infosphere as well as to enhance the visibility of issues of public interest that arise in connection with the emergence of digital media and computer networks.

World-Infostructure's research matrix focuses on digitization, globalization, consolidation, integration, concentration, commercialization, participation, cooperation, innovation, emancipation, democratization, diversification, convergence and empowerment and is divided into eight main areas:

All World-Infostructure content is cross-linked and supplemented by so-called Index Cards that provide more detailed information on specific terms and World-Information.Org's Link Base, which is a fast tool for locating independent information and critical analysis on the web and contains several hundred hand-selected URLs that are accompanied by short descriptions and categorized by the eight research areas of World-Infostructure.

World-Infostructure presents the results of the research program that has been carried out in connection with World-Information.Org since autumn 1999.