A new Model for Cultural Maps of the Infosphere
To provide a unique, publicly accessible knowledge base and an independent platform for the artistic heritage of the cultural future, World-Information.Org runs four agencies with multiple divisions and organization units: the Public Information Agency, the Future Heritage Foundation, the Global Communication Agency and the Information Systems Agency.

The Future Heritage Foundation builds a theoretical framework for the arts in the digital domain. Artists develop, create and present the art of things to come and thus future cultural heritage.

The Global Communication Agency scans the global info-structure, develops road-maps of the information highways and provides an overview of global cable, satellite, wireless, microwave and fibre-optic communication. These information road-maps identify the key players and their strategic interests as well as giving an introduction to the question of know-how, capital and technology on the planet.

The Information Systems Agency establishes a publicly accessible knowledge base of World-Information.Org on the World Wide Web.

The Public Information Agency mediates research results and digital artistic practice to a large international audience and promotes the "environmental protection" of the infosphere. It raises broad public awareness of information and communication technologies' increasing impacts on culture, society and politics.