Interests in business, industrial or military advantage sustain most of the new information-processing clusters. Public or civil society institutions cannot keep track of the technological development due to their limited resources.

Information systems are growing bigger and more complex and are increasingly implemented country wide, community wide and on a global level. New systems link multiple individuals, organizations, and infrastructure platforms into a unified information management system that uses the World Wide Web and distributed Information-Object technologies. For the first time advances in information technology deliver relatively cheap structures and tools necessary for the integration of highly complex data sets.

World-Information.Org implements an IT Structure that is not dependent on high-cost specialized components, but offers out of-the-box usage for intelligently configured information management. It relies on industry strength development tools and environments for Intelligent Agent systems and Internet enabled Object-oriented database systems.

World-Information.Org integrates the various components of the information system by using the widely used, platform independent, powerful and flexible programming framework ZOPE. It deploys its information framework through a publicly accessible World Wide Web channel.

The World-Information.Org Information System is fully location independent and can easily be transported to any Internet access point from where it can be reached worldwide. It can be cloned for redundancy, access-performance, parallelization or even specialization and can be trained for any special information subset.

Source: http://world-information.org/wio/about