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for the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Tunis 2005
World-Information City special IP edition

An introductory reader on the politics and culture of information

Divide et Impera
Arundhati Roy in an interview with Konrad Becker during the World-Information City Conference in Bangalore.
An Interview with Arundhati Roy

Materiality and the Limits of a Will to Power
Speaking at the World Information City Conference, Bangalore, historian and cultural critic Lata Mani challenged the widespread belief in the triumph of globalisation.
Like fortresses built on the quicksand of a culturally alien territory

WIC / PARIS, May 2009
Conference Day 1
Conference Day 2
Lecture Videos and Documentation Clip available
Bangalore 2005 Novi Sad / Belgrade 2003 Amsterdam 2002 Vienna 2000 Brussels 2000

Video Clips
Tactical Reality Dictionary

Read Me
Bangalore and back: Reflections on World-Information-City, Bangalore
Torrents of Desire and the Shape of the Information Landscape
Invisibly Seeing the Invisible
Cultural intelligence and the Urban Multitudes
Free Software Commons between North and South

Xnational Net Culture and "The Need to Know" of Information Societies. Vienna Draft Document by the Open Cultures Working Group hosted by "Towards a Culture of Open Networks".
The Vienna Document

Bangalore's almost mythical status as India's Silicon Valley is not the only face of this city, now aspiring to become the "Singapore of India". Read an intriguing photo essay on the city's unofficial realities, written for World-Information.Org by Lawrence Liang.
The Other Information City

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